Straw Man is a band that performs original melodic rock music.

Forming from the ashes of The Rose Familiar, James and Scott jammed with Mark one evening and we thought that it was good. Nathan came to us from the Interwebs, showing us all that Synchronicity is very real.

We have spent a lot of time honing our music to be as good as we can perform it while also caring enough to make our performances sound the very best too. We do not tour (yet) because we have day jobs and happy lives. We are a band of friends who have spent a lot of time in life playing and practicing music with a serious intensity that should have been reserved for those who actually go 'on the road' or become a 'pro'. Our music is meant to move you as much as it moves us... we care about the music and want it to be a great experience for anyone who cares to listen. Listen.

Our music is, at times, instrumental, weird, rootsy, avant-garde, funky, rockin', harmonious, crazy dissonant... or in other words, we play anything and everything that moves us. We hope you enjoy the ride.